Are you aware of the risks of the number of chemical filters used in conventional sun protection, according to an FDA study?

Protecting our body from the sun should be a basic part of our day-to-day life, since the sun’s radiation is growing increasingly harmful for our organism. But what if the conventional sun protection we use is also harmful to our body?

Recently, researchers from the FDA—the U.S. Food and Drug Administration—revealed some interesting and previously unknown results from a clinical study that proves how some of the most common molecules in conventional sun protection could be harmful to our skin and immune system.

Specifically, it’s been proven that the chemical products that block UV rays also filter blood flow simultaneously. This doesn’t mean that these ingredients aren’t safe or reliable but, for now, there’s no clear answer that guarantees their safety either. In fact, this study has caused great uncertainty among dermatologists.

Without further research into the area and proof regarding possible future side effects caused by standard sun protection, the question for all consumers is: is it worth the doubt?

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+ information: FDA link