Our philosophy

The feeling of the sun on your face, of diving into the sea, climbing your favourite mountain or admiring the sunset. Doing your bit in the fight against climate change, while using the best natural protection for your skin. That’s what NUURA is all about.

NUURA is sports, it’s nature, it’s sustainability, it’s life. NUURA is about reacting to the current climate crisis our planet is going through and taking care of it the same way we take care of our own skin. Natural protection, free of any ingredients that could be harmful to one’s health, that protects all skin types with maximum guaranties.

Made from the heart, with extensive scientific knowledge, NUURA is the first sun protection on the market that is 100% respectful of health and the environment, that aims to take care of and protect our skin, while also raising awareness and bringing about change.

A change that is committed to the planet and, of course, to people. Natural sun protection free of any harmful ingredient, whether harmful to skin, health or the planet. Suitable for all skin types and ages – the entire product line is suitable for children.

Change begins today, and it’s up to us to create a world governed by respect for nature and health. Let’s take care of what’s important!